Here's to my girl!

Dearest Sweetest G.

You're only four, and yet here you are, graduating, ready to take on the world. You've worked hard. You can read, do your additions up to ten, and know how to drive your brother crazy. Looks like you're on the path to success.

Another year of preschool and another graduation, then you're off to the giant world of kindergarten. Let's hope by then you've mastered the ability to eat food that is not cut up into tiny bits, as I might not always be there looming over your head, holding a butter knife. It would scare your new friends away.

I love that you love me for making your dinner, even if you don't like it.

Keep it up, my little darling, darling, girl. You make the world such a brighter, happier place to be.

- Your momma.

*Lauren Beck photography


  1. Yay, Gracie! Love the picture...so dang cute.

  2. My goodness--this picture brings up all sorts of emotions I don't think I should be feeling for like another 14 years....

  3. Wait, she can read and do math? She's more ready for kindergarten than Max and he's going this fall! Sob, they grow so fast. She looks so darling in that picture.

  4. adorable! I cannot believe she is 4!