Varying Emotional Degrees of Karate

Yesterday, Gracie disappeared. She left as Gracie and came back a karate master, complete with a stylish little outfit. Sean, the intrepid family photographer, followed her around. Below is a documentary of the varying emotional degrees of karate and...life. First, HOPE. What are we without hope? At the start of any project, one is filled with hope. The desire to work hard, to succeed. The bright, shiny eyes. The light in the heart. The eagerness of spirit.
Second: DOUBT. We're not entirely sure how we got here. Chances are the outcome might not be good, let alone what we hoped. We've climbed high and are facing the possibility of falling, of scraping our chins, and failing. Failing big.

Third: DETERMINATION. But when faced with failure, we'll not give up. We'll take to the air and give doubt a great, big, what-what. Doubt will never know what smacked it to the ground, only that it saw a flash of white and pink.

Fourth: PEACE. We realize that what we're attempting might take years, decades to perfect. But that's okay, because we have determination. The hope returns. We'll keep at it. And at it. And at it.
Finally: CONFIDENCE. Our determination has paid off. Doubt has vanished. Peace resides in our hearts. We'll go forward, working, kicking down all obstacles in our path. The future is bright. Bright. Bright. Bright.
Get us some shades.
Hello Kitty ones preferred.

FYI: Christmas is coming. I know this because I bought a wreath that looks like a breath mint.


  1. I feel so inspired! Nothing like a cute girl to make you feel motivated about life.

    I love your breath mint wreath.

  2. I am laughing out loud at the breathmint statement! I had to stop and interrupt Dave's Jazz game to inform him of how funny of a person you are. Consider him aware of your hillariousness.

  3. If Gracie could be part of the wreath it would be even better! So cute. Good luck with Karate. My boys have been watching Kung Fu Panda. A Lot. They now think they are Kung Fu masters, and even those little playful fists of fury can hurt.

  4. I'm always impressed with your writing. What a great post.