No Resolutions Here Baby.

So, I feel pretty sure a marketer could slap this picture on ANYTHING and I'd buy it. Serious. My heart almost bleeds when I look at it.

Sean: Why is there four wheeler in our garage?
Me: Did you see that picture with the kids on it?

I once bought a toothbrush because the packaging had glitter on it. I knew that was why I bought it and didn't even care. I figure if someone is going to glitter something, they should be rewarded. Glitter, glitter, glitter...

Thought I'd briefly check in and let you know that I have zero New Year's resolutions. I know you were dying to know what they were, but that is that.

I do, however, have a few hopes for 2011. By hopes, I mean these things are completely out of my control.

1. Lil' Rory Jane to get here safe and sound. Seven weeks left! Woot!
2. No one in my family takes a trip in the ambulance. Fingers crossed! Jared seems to take one every February. I'm hoping to break the trend. Really. That'd be great.
3. My family and everyone I love to have a happy and good year.

That's about it.
Welcome 2011.


  1. Shoot, I would buy something too if that picture were on it. So cute. Good luck these next +\- 7 weeks! Here's to an uneventful February too.

  2. Amen to the picture, amen to the hopes!