Prepare youself!

This blog is now under construction. I know. You will miss the sadly out of date sidebars, as will I, but we must shoulder forward.

I hope to come back soon with a blog about writing, reading and pictures of my kids, because I love to write, read, and spend all day and night with my kids. That is my life. It's what I know.

See you soon! (hopefully in a week or so).

P.S. Gracie just had her dance review. She was spectacular. She is delightful in every way, and comes up with all her own poses.

P.S.S. Pleae forgive any spelling errors. The little abc button isn't working and I can't be bothered to double check.


  1. Gracie is beautiful inside and out!

  2. Such great photos! Can't wait to see the blog!! Love you!