Dearest Jazzy

Dearest Jazzy, I was having a horrible case of miss my sister today. So, I thought I'd write you a letter. Just like the olden days, only this letter is digital and will be read by our mother, and possibly Sean. Please imagine my hideous hand writing as you read these precious thoughts of mine. Oh! If you are feeling really in the mood, you can Pandora some Pride and Prejudice tunes. How fun would that be? I alway Pandora P&P when baking bread. It makes me feel all cultured and home-ish, especially if I wear an apron.

First off, this is Gracie at the rodeo. You can't see it, but she's sucking on a blue raspberry icee. She's with her dad. I'm pretty sure she's in heaven. I think horses continue to take up 90% of her thoughts. The other ten perecent focus on food. Every night she prays that she can eat good food. When she's eating a meal she finds extra delicious, she starts humming. She hummed constantly when we shared a Cafe Rio salad. I liken it to purring.

I think I already told you the story about Sean wanting to get our kids dressed up for the rodeo. He didn't really clarify. I thought that meant expensive boots. He meant T-shirts. At least now he knows.
Let's talk about this Rooster. Right now one button on her onsie is hanging on for dear life. I recently bought her new ones, but they're dirty. So, she'll have to hope that one button works hard. She's a delight. An absolute, non-napping delight.

And then there's Jared. We got a bug book, an awesome bug/animal book from the library yesterday. It hasn't left his side since we got home. It has scorpions, and an alien looking beetle in it. Awesome. Ryder would love it.

So, dearest sister, you are far away, so far away, and this is me wishing Sean would stop taking photos.

Love, your loving, pioneer sister, located in the wild, wild, west.

P.S. I think I've picked the colors for our family pictures: Navy, white, turquoise, and hot pink. What do you think?

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  1. I love this post with all my heart. Keep them coming please. I'll have to do a reply...

    love you!