Merry Christmas 2012!

Farewell 2012! It was good, but it couldn't last. So let's look at some pictures.
Here we are. All excited. Sean is setting up the camera, I'm smoothing my sweater as I look lovingly at my wee birds. We even brought some chairs out. It's going to be a great time!
Not that we expect every picture to be perfect. Those red hats, while at the height of Christmas fashion, are tricky.
Jared is doing his best.
*Note Sweet Gracie.
Moving along...Who's excited for Christmas!? Rory's not sure, Sean has an itch, but I can't wait!
Jared might be a little annoyed, but he's hanging in there.
*Sweet Gracie.
Let's try again...Rory may or may not have lost her skirt.
Sean's appropriately horrified.
I'm apparently okay with it.
Jared's annoyance might be growing.
*Sweet Gracie.
This is where I remember that I'm supposed to have my hand on my hip and my chin out. You know, so I can look thinner.  I look like I'm doing my best to stay positive. Rory and Jared dare you to mock me.
*Sweet Gracie. 
 So...If Jared closes his eyes, he won't really be there.
I'm thinking about lunch.
Rory has a new pet.
*Sweet Gracie.
This is where I try to get a little snuggle buggly with Sean. He seems to be okay with it.
Jared really is trying.
*Sweet Gracie.
This might be one photo too many for the middle child.

*Sweet Gracie.

He's done! That's it folks! Thanks for playing!
In the three seconds after Sean set the camera: Jared ran away; Sean goosed himself on the mantel AND gave an awesome stink eye; I was alarmed; and Rory was mildly amused.
*Sweet Gracie.
This was the winner! At least I think. No one looks too tortured, amused, or horrified. So we liked it.
Yes. My feet were photo shopped out.
Merry, Merry Christmas!
Love, The Gublers


  1. I love it all! Your family is beautiful. I just have one request... will you please wear red lipstick more often? You totally rock it! You look amazing!!!

  2. I love sweet Gracie in every picture! This made me giggle so hard. Such a beautiful family.

  3. So funny! So true to life. You should do a couple of these in sequence. And it is true you totally rocked the red!