Merry Christmas 2013!

It's the end of another year. Which means I get to try thirty different passwords and hack into my blogger account! This year has been full of its ups and downs, but let's jump to the present. When taking this year's picture I was worried that, now we are older, we might not have enough outtakes. Never fear! My shiny earrings produced a Glisten that I seemed to find very appealing.

At first, the pictures weren't so bad.

But then a mystical little dot appeared, as if sent from heaven.
Look at the pretty Glisten. It makes me feel so happy inside! Gracie, isn't it pretty!
*Note Rory's concern

You guys! I just feel so happy. Look! The Glisten left a tiny Glisten on my face!
*note Rory looking for Glisten

Maybe if I smile hard enough, the Glisten will come back. Gracie, look pretty. Jared do your big eyes thing. Glisten come back!
*Note Rory's concern.
No. No. No. I mustn't look for it. I love my family. I need to stay with my family. My family NEEDS me.
*Rory is unsure and worried.
What was that sweet, sparkly voice inside my head? Try and smash my youngest child? Well, okay then.
*Note Rory's concern
I know. I'll put myself out there. Let the Glisten know I'm ready. Gracie! The Glisten! I can see it in your glasses! 
*So, what does one do with arms and toes when taking pictures?
 *Now Jared's starting to worry.
Sweet, merciful heavens! It's back!
Hey...Autumn. Stop looking at the glisten.You're starting to scare me. Think of our children.
But it's so pretty and sparkly. It's like a little dot full of magic. Come closer! Come closer!
 *Note Rory's concern.

You guys. It's above your dad's hat! If I smile hard enough I think it will land on my face and all will be complete!
*Note Rory's EXTREME concern.

Oh man. You guys, I have a headache. Let's get this picture taking thing over with. Why does Rory look so triumphantly fierce?

Merry Christmas!


The Gublers

and the Glisten...



  1. Tears...in my eyes....those clenched toes....Rory's face! I love this so much. Love your sweet, beautiful family!

  2. Maybe the Glisten came from you sparkly earrings. I love when it landed on your face. Hahahha!

  3. We all need a little more Glisten in our lives! And lots more Gubler! Happy New Year!