The only reason I am blogging is because I am staring at Jared who is sound asleep on a billi-bed and in the words of Randy Jackson I feel 100 trillion-million percent sure that instead of going to Hollywood, my retinas are officially being burned out of my skull. Sean and I are taking turns watching Jared. Sean is sound asleep while I keep clicking my tongue to make Jared move. I will have to use a pair of cymbals to wake Sean up. Jared is on his stomach so I am a nervous wreck as I have been told 100 times not do this, but this way he gets more light. He is the sweetest, biggest eater of anyone I have ever met. He is already getting plump thighs and a gigantic double chin. Gracie is slowly adjusting. She loves Jared and I think is willing to give up a little attention in order for me to care for him...a little being the operative word.

Jared just moved, he is still okay! I sure hope he gets off these lights soon. They are about as much fun as....I don't know...something stupid like poop...

Lately I haven't been able to complete a thought that is longer than 30 seconds. I may have also thrown a few real good emotional crying/dramatic fits. Really, what is to be expected after losing an entire bag of hormones...but I still do apologize to anyone affected by them. That would mainly be my husband who thinks I've gone crazy, but am still cute no matter what.

Pretend I have something clever and witty to say right here.

That is all for now. I really wished I could have posted a picture of Jared on the lights, he looks so cute with his bum in the air. You'll just have to picture a super small baby stashed inside a glowing suitcase.

P.S. A great big Thank You to everyone who left comments. I enjoyed hearing from every one of you about our great big day and new addition to our family!


  1. Oh, good luck to you! It's not fun having to put your baby in a billi bed...as my sister-in-law tells me from experience. But I'm happy to hear he is doing so well and eating great! And if it makes you feel any better, Jayden has been a tummy sleeper since he was born. We are still alive and breathing, although I always worried about him until he could roll over in his sleep. I figured the rest of us survived on our tummies when that was the way to do things back then.
    Anyway, this is a great "new baby" blog.. oh how I remember the emotions! But new babies are so sweet, they are worth it. It's so fun to hear an update from you!

  2. This is the most clever and witty post ever - especially the part about the lights being as fun as poop! :) Hope you get a nice long nap today!!

  3. My little one is a tummy sleeper too, I was so worried at first and forced her to sleep on her back. then i realized she actually slept on her belly so I just sleep with her with me so i can hear her snore.
    best wishes with eveything

  4. Hey Autumn-
    I have so been there. My first boy had to be on the lights. I think the hardest thing is just not being able to hold them. Good luck making it through the hormones, I think it gets worse with each pregnancy. With my last one I cried every day for two weeks, and then it was all better. Good luck, and I really hope you get some sleep, that seems to solve a lot of the emtotions.

  5. I hope all is well with everything. Justis was a huge eater. He gained not just what he lost after birth, but more than an additional pound by the time we went back for our 2 week checkup. He is our linebacker. He is not quite 3 and he is already in 4T clothes and growing out of them quickly. :)

    Enjoy him while he is little and get as much sleep as possible. :)

  6. Yucky yucky awful awful lights! I hate them. You worry about them being on their tummy, you worry about their eyes (Ben would move his head and the eye mask would wiggle off) but it will hopefully all be over soon. I remember being so mad at our doctor because I thought it was his fault Max and Ben had to be on the bili-bed. Sleep deprivation will make you yell at anyone.

  7. I love it when they sleep on their tummies with their bums in the air -- they look like little rotisserie chickens. In a good way. I think Abby had to be under the lights, but it was all such a haze. Of course, I'm the person who asked if it was ok if I took a nap during my C-section.