One handed wonder

Jared is a good baby. He is a delight and a joy and stops crying if he is being held. As a result I have more fully realized my one-handed abilities and I dare anyone to challenge me. These are just a few things I have accomplished only using my right hand.
1. I can fill my glass using my water filter. I know this doesn't sound like a big deal, but I have been trying to do this since I moved into this house. I guess being a nursing mother dying of thirst makes one desperate. I used to have to push a button with my right hand and fill my glass with the left. Not any more. Now I stretch my ring finger to the point of agony and twist my thumb and ta da! It's not perfect. Half the water goes in the glass while the rest flows off the side, but I get my filtered water which is all that matters. Thanks goodness I have absurdly long fingers. Sean would not be able to this, albeit my sister would have no problem. When Gracie is full grown she too will be able to do this. I feel good about passing along necessary one-handed water filtering genes.

2. Fill my glass with cranberry juice. I know this isn't nearly as impressive, but I do have to twist a lid. Hmmm...all my accomplishments might have to do with quenching my thirst. I must be in a constant state of needing refreshment.

3. Put a diaper on. I am not even sure how I managed this one, but I did. I once again attribute this accomplishment to my long fingers and the fact that Gracie is two years-old and able to hold things.

4. Pick up the house. I know there is nothing extraordinary about this one, I just wanted you all to know that I picked up my house.

I am sure there are many other things I could add, but my time limit has run out. Gracie needs out of her high chair and Jared is grunting which means he is getting hungry.


  1. I have new-found respect for your one-handed talents after spending a weekend holding my niece. I didn't even try doing anything else!
    And I have to say, I thought of a post you wrote long ago as I was carrying my niece while wearing heels (3 inch heels!) walking up a flight of stairs at my bro and sis-in-law's church on Sunday. I refused to walk down out of fear I would fall and hurt her (or at the least wake her).

  2. p.s. the photos are SO cute! I especially love Gracie peeking in on sleeping Jared. And you look GOOD!

  3. Your kidss are so cute. I like the picture of Gracie looking in on Jare3d too. Wait until she won't let anyone hold him because he is hers. Kids are so much fun!!!

  4. Welcome to the one-handed world! It gets even easier when the baby is big enough to rest on your hip. I tried wearing the front pack with Ben so I could use both hands, but he's so chubby it hurts my shoulders.

    You are quite talented too! I can fill Max's sippy with milk one-handed without spilling too much, but that's about it.

  5. Cute pictures and I am so proud of your new-found talent. I have found that toes can also be quite useful for picking things up. :)


  6. I'm not sure that my comment was saved...so I'm trying again.. :)

    Anwyay, VERY cute pictures, and I think you look gorgeous! Also, that is an incredible talent you've developed... something to be very proud of!

  7. One side effect of doing everything one-handed is that you end up with one seriously toned arm from toting the baby around on that side. My left arm had what I called my baby muscle--it was really cut. My right arm? Flabby.