In A Rut

Do you ever feel like you're in a rut? I've been feeling like a little something is off. Not sure what, but something. I'm happy, I'm doing good, but I think I need to burst out of my mom mold...a little bit more. Shake things up. Hire a babysitter more often that twice a year. So, I've been thinking, a dangerous pastime...I know...(I still love Beauty and the Beast...to the freakish point where I have the entire movie memorized...not kidding...people...memorized, same goes for The Little Mermaid. Whenever these movies are on, Sean looks at me like he didn't know he married a cartoon weirdo, but nonetheless he did. Maybe he should've dated me longer...). I've been feeling a little lax in the blog department, the house cleaning department, the writing department. Which, if you know me, are all my favorite things. So, something is off. I'll give it sometime, mull things over in this great big noggin of mine and see what I come up with. Who knows it might require me to dress up in a hot pink unitard and run around the neighborhood while singing Les Mes show tunes. Oh wait...I want to break out of my rut...not get arrested. I'll keep you posted (if you want to stay posted...that is) I am interested to see what I come up with.

That being said...here is what Sean is going to be for Halloween. Only he refuses to just wear a belt. Today my big task is to find him some purple shorts...While sewing on the question mark, he's had to try on his unitard at least five times, providing me with at least five guffaws and hardy har..har..hars...Hysterical...



  1. Been there, for sure. Can't wait to hear what you come up with. (And yes, you need a babysitter more than twice a year. )

  2. Me too!!! Maybe it's something in the air, or the water, or living on this street. I can't pinpoint it and it's driving me crazy. Ditto to everything you said. Let me know if you come up with any fun ideas or ways to break out of it and I'll join you (unless it's the leotard thing and running down the street :)

  3. LOL! Awesome. I'm in a rut, too, as far as my favorite things are concerned. Tell me what you do!

    I haven't ever hired a babysitter for Abby. Isn't that sad? Yes, there are people worse than you.

  4. I can so relate, not to the sewing on a question mark part, but never getting a babysitter, and so when you actually do, you feel all this pressure to have the best time ever, and you are so worried about having a babysitter, that you end up having the worst time. Thanks for sharing though, it is nice to know that others get stuck in ruts as well.

  5. Please take lots of pictures of Sean tomorrow.