Letter from Jared

Dear mom,
I wish the world were covered in one great big pillow. That way I could roll all the way to Africa. While there, I could look for lions and possibly a zebra. As it stands now, the worlds consists of a few slabs of carpet, sharp corners and ridiculously small spots for my head to get stuck. Could you please work on this.
Love, Jared.
P.S. Please tell Gracie that my feelings get hurt when she only shares her lame toys with me.


  1. those eyes! he looks very earnest in his plea.

  2. I love that little Jared. And I'm sure he'd also like the fact that the world of pillows would be OUTSIDE!

  3. My Benni baby has the same complaint! He gets the castoff toys but Max still says he's "sharing." Hmmm, does a bottle cap and a single block count as sharing?

  4. I love these letters you post! They are the most creative, cutest things! Jared is DARling!

  5. amen to that. Ethan has a chronic bruise on his forehead.