Lazy, hazy summer

(turns out posting photos wasn't that hard)

Dear little bloggy blog blog,

It's been awhile. I have no reason to give for my absence other than...I am lazy when it comes to technology. We got a new computer and I don't know how to post pictures anymore and have no desire to learn. But I eventually will...maybe. Same thing goes for texting. I'm a lazy texter. I don't bother to capitalize or punctuate...or even really do it. Same thing for pictures. Sean takes all of them. I just can't be bothered to remember to pull the camera out of it's bag and capture a memory. It all takes so much effort.

Before you, dear blog, haul off and give me a nasty look, I am also lazy in other things. Let's recount:

This week I wore the same skirt three days in a row, took a one day break, and wore it again. It's one of those with a stretchy waist band and is so comfy. The good thing is that since I'm wearing a skirt I like to believe it makes it look like I efforted. However, I think the neighbors are onto me. "That Autumn, she thinks she's dressing up, but she's just really wearing her nightgown in skirt form." That is what my neighbors would say...if 1)I ever left my house. Which I do, to go through drive-thrus for some fries, and 2) if they actually cared about my clothes.
I have worn my hair in a ponytail for the past 308 days. I know I need to do something about this. I went to Seattle to spend time with my sister, and there she told me that hair is for styling, not just leaving on top of your head. I'm not sure if I believe her. That being said, my sister is so fashionable that she convinced my to update my accessories. I've since wore a scarf three times this week. Gracie told me I look like a grandma. I'm not sure I'm pulling it off

Anyway, we went to that arts festival last night (I wore my skirt), which means, for my family, that summer is here. Beautiful summer, delicious summer, hot summer.

So, here's to lazy summer! Here's to wearing skirts all the time! Here's to ponytails! Here's to making baked good for visiting teaching treats and eating them all myself!

So blog, I will now sign off. My duty is done, I've explained myself.

Until I learn how to post photos -

p.s. in small defense of myself I do go running every morning and i also brush my teeth.


  1. hilarious autumn! i had to look to see if this wasn't my post i kept laughing at. we are the same ppl!! atleast we got to see a cute pic of those cute lil ppl!

  2. too funny! but I must say I miss you when you don't post. Come back more often!

  3. You should write a column. You are so funny. Keep writing!