GuVac 2010

Hey there, lets look at a lot of photos shall we?
The time: Sometime last week.
The place: San Diego
The photographer: Sometimes pushy, sometimes sneaky Sean

Why, no, I'm not exhausted and yes, I'd love my photo with this strange moosezebra!
Gracie the lion tamer. If the glass were not there, this would be a totally different story.

My little, lovely pests.

So, Gracie gets the cool ride and I get foam blocks? Just checking.

For her non-existent portfolio.

See what I mean about Sneaky Sean. . .

And Pushy Sean . . .

The photo in which my eyes look like green laser beams. Don't mess with me. I'll shoot you with my glare.
Sort of climbing, sort of looking thoughtful.

My loves.

Umm. . .too much non-dairy frozen yogurt? I think yes.
Sean is hysterical!
See you GuVac 2010! It was fun and we've got the photos!


  1. In that first picture, if you had your hoodie sweatshirt jacket on, you would have looked just like you did when we were in NYC almost 9 years ago. You don't age, my friend!

    I hope you guys had a great time -- the pictures are so cute and funny.

  2. What an awesome, realistic view of a family vacation. Great post. And your kids are darling.