Thirty things before thirty?

Maybe its because I'm turning the big 3-0 in five months or so, but I keep seeing lists of what other ladies my age want to do before they turn thirty. What?! (Their lists are way ambitious...so goes the blogging world.) This would never even occur to me. Maybe because turning 28 shook my world. I now feel okay with things. Anyway, why don't I make a list? Sounds fun-ish and the TV is watching my kids.

0. Umm...take more pictures of myself - seriously. The above picture is about as good as it gets.
1. Get up every morning.

2. Try to shower three out of five weekdays.

3. Pretend I'm a runner.

4. Go to the gym and embarrass Sean with my complete lack of knowledge concerning those crazy weight lifting machines.

5. Hoard the thigh machine at the gym because its the only one I know how to use and men don't seem to like it.

6. Annoy Jared by kissing his face.

7. Annoy Gracie by not giving her cake for breakfast.

8. Give in and give Gracie cake as her dessert for breakfast.

9. Raise the picture in my bathroom up four inches.

10. Find a way to store giant train toys.

11. Resolve to not make any more lists.

12. Constantly watch the new PBS version of Emma I got on DVD from hubby.

13. Let others know I'm watching the new PBS version of Emma on DVD as that is the only groovy thing I've got going on.

14. Try not to sing so loud while running. People find it startling.

15. Plant a garden.

16. Water said garden.

17. Make my new favorite food-Asian spinach salad-thirty more times.

18. Veganize lemonade cookies, so the J can eat them.

19. Go to the beach.

20. Try to stay calm when both kids are wildly clinging to me because they saw a dog wandering in the next yard.

21. Get a cat? This one is not just my decision, so we'll have to see.

22. Pretend like I have style.

23. Drive Gracie to preschool.

24. Remember to pick her up.

25. Put J in the corner 9 million times.

26. Flirt with the idea of becoming a vegetarian. For the past three years, I've been flirting with the idea. I've no doubt the flirtation will continue for the next 50 years. I sometimes NEED a hamburger.

27. Buy organic and feel a wee bit superior about it.

28. Try to find an agent.

29. Finish first draft of third novel.

30. Go shopping for a new lipstick!

Phew, the list is long, but I think I might be able to do it. No promises and the chances of me ever looking at this list again or updating its status are very slim. Here's to me!


  1. This is your best list ever!!! Turning 30 is good news--women in their 30's are taken a lot more seriously, wheras women in their twenties...it's hit and miss. Anyways, you can totally do all of these things... and with style! You gotta believe!

  2. I think you can do it! Personally, I find some of your list impossible (showering, singing quieter), but you're a better woman than me.

    As for veganizing, I use vegan margarine (love Earth Balance) and silken tofu (for butter and eggs) and like the results! Unless you're avoiding soy, because that wouldn't quite work.

    Good luck.

  3. Great list! I suppose I should make a list too but I just turned 30 so I guess I don't have to do that now for a good 10 years right =)

  4. I'm quietly chuckling to myself. I also like keeping my goals on the level of "moving a picture up 4 inches".

  5. Here's to you! I've been watching Emma nonstop as well. I think you should be a flexitarian, like my sister Rachel. Totally flexible -- you can avoid the meat you think is suspect, but eat the hamburgers you love. And those chicken fingers at Chili's.

    The whole list is fantastic.

  6. :) I love your list! This is a good idea actually! You are so funny, love your writing!

  7. Okay, Autumn? Who doesn't love attainable goals, right? This is seriously one of my favorite ever blog entries and I'm going to link to it from my blog this weekend. SO AWESOME!

  8. Here's to you! I love your list!