It's that time of year...

Merry Christmas! Let's get festive!
Where's the mistletoe?
Let's eat more cake!
Ring those silver bells!
Let's eat more cake!
It's Christmas! And some body's excited! Holla!
To start the outtakes this year, I'd like to state upfront that it was my idea for Gracie and I to wear dresses that matched our couch. Exactly. I like a challenge (have you seen her around?).
Before the fun starts, I'd thought I'd show you a "behind the scenes" shot. Notice the blocks, the piles of never played with toys, my apprehensive face.
The apprehensive face can be hard to shrug off. On the other hand, the flashing baby toy we hooked below the camera to catch Rory's attention...worked great. Sean especially liked it. It played music.
Presenting Autumn, the mother with the ten foot arm. Her boy never gets away.
"Gracie? Gracie? Sean, where's Gracie?"
I believe I've mentioned before that Sean likes himself a good lean. Maybe a bit too much.
"Sean, does my dress make me look ploofy?"
"What does ploofy mean?"
"Of course not. Tell Jared to stop licking his wrist."
"Jared? Jared? Are you sure I don't look ploofy?"

I like this photo. We can almost see Gracie, but Jared seems to be lost in a world of deep thoughts. No deep thoughts here, only bright, happy smiles, so we...
Photoshopped Jared!
Merry Christmas! Again! 2011!
P.S. Rory wants you to know that she has developed an awesome pincer grip. Way to go baby girl, keep grabbing small things. Please no more choking pointed sticker stars (long, unfestive story).


  1. Way to go! I thoroughly enjoyed your comic relief! Reminds me of when my family was younger!haha! Cute family!

  2. Oh my goodness, I'm seriously wiping the laughter-tears out of my eyes. I'm choking from giggles. "Gracie? Gracie?" Bahahahahaha

    Great idea with the toy under the camera! Darling family -- and no, you do not look ploofy.

  3. I love your Christmas pics roll, they are always hilarious. Iove Gracie's floating head. Did you realize she was camo with the couch before you took the shots?