Family Update

So. I've go through phrase phases. A lot. Right now I can't stop saying "it what it is" and "truth". It's almost an addiction. Truth! It's odd how life can be incredibly busy when not much is happening, but that is how things are around here. It is what it is. Except for... Jared is four! Holy smoly moly. When did that happen? He's gone on a growth spurt and now I make funny noises when I hoist him into a shopping cart so he can finish napping.

And this little Pookie. I pretty much follow her around All. Day. Long. Truth! I pick her up from the stairs, feed her Cheerios, play music and watch her dance. My word, she is a sweet little thing.

I love this picture, because of the beatiful dancer, and the goofy mother. So the following story deserves a post in and of itself, but seeing how I blog, it is what it is. - We were at the ice cream store today. There was some pop music playing and a tween girl was dancing to it. Gracie watched her and looked away. After a minute, Gracie looked around. No one was looking at her (except for me, because I'm ALWAYS watching). So, she busted out one of the hippest, funkiest dance moves I've ever seen, then went right back to normal, staring at the different flavors of ice cream. She is shy so I had the hard job of pretending I didn't see, as she would've been mortified. This girl is everything that is good.

Jared and I may have developed a nasty habit of eating sweets while Gracie is at school and Rory is napping. By nasty I mean delightful, fun, tasty, and wonderful. That boy loves his chocolate. And his mother. I buy his love in the form of chocolate chips and am not ashamed.This is what I stare at all day long, and sometimes all night long. It's so hard to ignore her when rocking her for a nap. Today I failed and flirted with her briefly. After that she was all giggles and hair pulling. She's like chocolate, or a bread basket. Just try to resist!
My crew after getting their hair cut. I always take a picture becasue I think they look so snappy. Finally, for the biggest news....I got leopard print pajamas! Boy did they cause a stir. Jared followed me around house, patting my bum asking me if a cheetah died for my clothes. No. A cheeteh did NOT die. And then when I put Rory in her zebra get up, everyone almost had a heart attack.

Best eighteen bucks I ever spent.


  1. Squeal! Bahahahaha, patting your bum, bahahahaha. Great pjs.

    Great photos. I know exactly what you mean about our little babies. Can't put them down, can't stop kissing their cheeks.

  2. Great post. Please do them more often. You're family is BEAUtiful and I miss them. Oh yes, i do. I'm SOOOOOOOOOO happy I get to see them in 3 months!

    The pj's are hot.

  3. Love you, love your kids, love your writing! Keep it up!!! :)