Ann...with an e.

In Utah, the PBS stations are doing their fundraising. This time they are playing Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Green Gables, the Sequel, and Anne, The Continuing Story approximately 22 hours a day. I have watched 21 and half of those hours in feverish delight. Well, excluding, Anne, the Continuing Story. I watched that in feverish confusion.

What is it about that little red haired-girl and the stories that I love so much. I love that she uses her imagination, I love Marilla and Matthew, I love Gilbert, I love Prince Edward Island, the whole thing makes me wish it was the late 1800's, when life was simpler, more pure...when kids got drunk on accident instead of on purpose.

Tonight KUED is playing Anne of Green Gables again. This will the third time I will have watched it this week. This proves to me that I need to own them on DVD.


  1. I remember loving the book (books?) but I honestly don't remember why or many details and I admit I have never seen the movies but they sound like something I would love. Into the netflix queue they must go!

  2. So last Christmas when my in-laws asked for our Christmas lists, I put the AOGG DVD's on the list...they gave it a good whirl, but they got me this weird play version that I couldn't get through 5 minutes of...I was a little disappointed.

    I know! Isn't the continuing story kinda different? Although I remember appreciating the fact they kept the same characters, I also remember Anne looking rather old, but a man-magnet nontheless!