Doorbell Confusion

I was snuggly wrapped up in my sheets when it happened: The doorbell rang. I know this is usually not that big of a deal, and it was early afternoon, so the person ringing my doorbell...repeatedly I might add, probably thought this was a normal thing to do. But it wasn't. I had just got my daughter to sleep and was in my underwear. Come on, it's hot.

Amid the pounding of the doorbell, I hear my daughter cry out. I stumbled out of bed, threw on some clothes. My shirt was on backwards, but it was at least on me. In a frenzy to make the noise stop, I opened the door.

"Hi ma'am, what do you use for your hard water...?" I look to see a young black girl holding a bunch of cleaner in her hands. My mind was too foggy to finish her sentence.

"Umm...I'm just renting. I'm sorry, we're all napping. I'm not interested."

"Well," says the sales lady. I swear at this point she does that snap thing with her fingers that's generally reserved for black ladies in the movies? Is it? I don't think I have enough diversity in my life. Anyway, all I know is that she left mean and in a huff.

If I was to see this girl again, I would look into her eyes and tell her I meant no harm, but that maybe she shouldn't pound on a doorbell and then be surprised when the person answering the door in a half dressed state isn't very interested. I would then send her across the street to visit my landlord, which is what I do with all salespeople. It shows I'm being helpful, without having to do anything.

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  1. thanks for giving me an afternoon distraction with a great visual of you bleary eyed and hastily dressed. Very funny.