That word is getting on my nerves. Gracie has hit her two's a little early, and to say the very least, she is intense. Everything is a big deal. Everything. Whether I am telling her to take a nap or if she is asking for a fruit snack, the entire thing is so overly dramatic. She'll wail and moan. Her hands will wave above her head, she'll run around the room. If she is happy, the entire scene is accompanied by a high pitch happy yell. If she is mad, sad, or confused she'll keep shouting "NO".

I am happy that she is beginning to discover what she wants, needs and thinks she needs, but it will be nice when she is through this stage. When she finally realizes that no matter how much she persists and asks, that sometimes the answer is no. Unfortunately, it's lesson that has to relearned time and time again. I just want Gracie to realize that I mean business when I say she can't have any more cheese, and that she will think me later for my keen wisdom.

Alas...Just another day in my mom world, a wonderful, exhausting world that it is.

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  1. You should teach her that word in several different languages so she can alternate them on you. Then it is not quite so disturbing. :)

    Remember, everything is a phase when they are this young. Write it in her journal so when she has kids that do that, she can turn back to it and know how you felt. :)

    Other than that, my only other advice is: stick to your guns, compartmentalize, and put on some of that tropical lotion so you can feel like you are on vacation. :)