Halloween Memories

We finally found the cord that allows us to download pictures! Here are some of our very SCARY Halloween...And of Gracie blowing out her very belated birthday cake.

The anvil that Sean made for his work. His work goes all out for Halloween. They were pirates from the Caribbean. The entire theme was Disney.Gracie was the cutest, most easily scared cheerleader you ever did see.
Here is a bad picture of Gracie with Snow White and the seven dwarfs, who were actual little people. I tell you Sean's work was out of control. Apparently the CEO hire little people every year for his costume. Last year he was Charlie from the Chocolate Factory, the little people were oompaloompas.
Sean and Gracie right before Trick or Treating.
In her excitement, Gracie suffered a lot of skinned knees, but she recovered about five seconds after each one.
Here's to next year! We'll have another little one to dress up and get hyped on sugar!


  1. I LOVE the photos! Gracie IS the cutest little cheerleader ever (takes after her mama). I really like her hair-do in her b-day photo.

    ...rents little people...really?

  2. wow, Sean makes a great pirate and Gracie is an adorable cheerleader and looks a lot like you!

    and the renting little people sounds really . . . wrong? or something.

  3. I'm not kidding. He really rents them. I think he has the money to pay them well.