I just told Gracie not to stick pizza up her nose as a horrible scene will surely be the result, one where she'll have to go to the doctor. Her eyes lit up. She loves the doctor, because apparently that is the only place where she gets to play with new toys and get a sucker. I saw my mistake and to get her off track I started making gagging noises so she would hopefully realize that pizza up the noise is gross, and no one wants mom making nasty gagging noises, now do they?

Also, I woke up this morning to find that the best place for our cordless phone is apparently on top of the fridge. I pull a muscle every time I reach for it. Umm... I'll have to ask Sean about that one.

I was at the BYU Bookstore yesterday and decided that not only am I going to collect every good novel out there, but also all the fantastic children's book. I find them to be so inspiring. I also have fond memories of reading such books in my youth and want to give my kids the same opportunity.


  1. the pic is adorable and you mentioning the BYU bookstore equals the second time this week I have been reminded of the one thing I loved there - chocolate covered cinnamon bears! mmmmmmmm, I wish I had some now.

  2. How do you ever say no to that darling girl? Your bookstore blip also has me waxing nostalgic about the cookies and cream milk--I'd love me some of that about right now! And their children's book section is amazing--you are lucky to live so close!