More of the Good, the Bad and the Wishful

Okay, here is the deal. I am pregnant and not feeling so overwhelmed with the desire for self improvement. Yes, I've got my bad habits, but I don't currently feel bad about them. I figure the fact that I get up in the morning, make a couple of grilled cheese sandwiches, and occasionally take out the garbage more than qualifies me as a super hero. This is certain to change once I start feeling like a human and not a slug. But for now, I might consider these as more "not my best" habits.

1. TV Watching. I'm willing to bet this is a common bad habit for more people than just me. At the end of the day, I'm beat and can barely keep my head my up so I turn on my trusty DVR. What did I ever do before cable and no commercials? Oh yeah! I read novels. Who needs those!

2. Bad Hair. Don't get me wrong, I always try my best to have fantastic hair but I've fallen into this habit of not doing it that often. I simply pull it back into a ponytail. Since I am prego I try to keep the highlights to a mild roar and I'm also finding it difficult to hold the hair dryer above my head. A lot of things are working against me right now. So this habit is here to stay until I have enough energy to be horrified at myself.

3. Sugar. This one comes and goes. Now that Halloween is over, it's on its way out. Thank Goodness.

4. Poor Organization Abilities. Right now, sitting in my new pantry are plastic hand gloves right next to the cereal. I have a feeling they don't belong there, but don't care. I think an embarrassing situation is likely to occur before this changes, something along the line of a guest pouring nails into their bowl for breakfast.

5. I sometimes don't brush my teeth until noon.

6. Dead Cell Phone. My phone always dies when I'm giving directions.

7.Overprotective. I am bizarrely protective of Gracie. It will be for the best if I can break this habit before she turns five. How embarrassing to have your mom following you around school?


  1. I can't imagine your hair ever being bad - it always looks fantastic, even in a pony tail! And in your situation (and some even currently), I would share all of these habits!

  2. Your post made me laugh. Oh, and it also made me feel guilty. I need to go get those nails out of the pantry . . .