27th Year

On Saturday I crossed the threshold from my mid-twenties to my late-twenties. I feel okay about this as there is nothing I can do to stop this from happening, nor would I want to. When I look at my life, as fun as some of those years may have been, I would not trade in my knowledge gained from being older for being younger. I wouldn't want to relearn those lessons. So, I thought that maybe this year I should try to do 27 different things, or at least to try to ACTUALLY do some things I've been meaning to do.

1. Be happier with myself. - So much easier said than done as I am constantly racked by insecurities, but I'm going to give my best effort. I know it will make me a happier and more pleasant person.

2. Kick the junk food habit.- I'm about half way there. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was my need for a daily sugar high.

3. Don't give up on exercise. - I have my good days and bad. But this year, I won't give it up, even if it requires me running to the end of the driveway and back on snowy days.

4. Take a new exercise class. - I really want to get good at Pilate's or brush up on my old ballet days.

5. Take a jewelry making class. - I already know the basics, but I really want to expand my horizons and learn how to work with different metals as well as beads.

6. Cook more often. - Sean does a lot of the cooking, but if he gets a new job and starts coming home later, the duty will fall to me. I think its best if I buck up now.

7. Cook delicious and healthy food. - I want to set a good example for Gracie, and I want her to love fruits and vegetables. So far so good, but I fear I haven't hit her picky stage.

8. Read only books I love and want to read. - I get caught up reading "classics" because I feel to be a better writer I should have read such things. I usually waste three weeks of flipping the pages before I drop it and move on. I'm going to read stuff I like.

9. Write only books and stories I love and want to read. - I often times find myself writing things that I think are good, but don't love. I'm going to write for me and write about the things I love.

10. Chill out if and when the mood strikes. - I need to learn how to relax better. I like to be going and doing stuff all day long, but I want to learn how to be comfortable with just sitting on the couch, looking out the window.

11. Be a better mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend. - I feel like I shouldn't really include this in my list as it is always something I am striving for, but I feel like if I don't it will look like I am being really self-centered. This is the most important thing to me and it is what I spend 90% of my waking hours trying to achieve.

12. Go on a vacation that requires a stay in a hotel. - Since Gracie was born Sean and I haven't seen the inside of a hotel. This is fine. She's needed us and we've been through some hard times, but it's time to make a change.

13. Learn how to make delicious treats. - I love to bake. So far, I've only truly mastered brownies. I would like to master something else.

14. Drop my subscription to Real Simple and pick up one for the Ensign and for National Geographic. I need the latter magazines for my mental and spiritual well-being far worse than I need an organized closet (which is pretty bad.)

15. Celebrate family time! -Sean is graduating soon and with that comes the promise of more nights spent together as a family.

16. Do nice things for other people's birthday. - I like to do this, but often times forget. I like to surprise people in the ward on their birthday with a lip gloss or something. I'm really going to triple my efforts on this.

17. De junk my house. - I have so much stuff that either doesn't fit, is no longer my style, or is silly. It's time to clean house.

18. Make my blog the best I can. - I love to read well-written blogs. I want to make mine better.

19. Limit my time on the Internet. - I really could get so much more done if I limited my online time. It's the shopping that takes up most of my time, and the clincher is that I never buy anything. I think I will be happier if I stop looking at things I can't buy.

20. Learn how to decorate. - We hopefully will be buying a house soon, and I want to decorate it with style and panache, not with dork and overdoneness (you get my point.)

21. Potty train Gracie. - I almost bought her a potty today, but figured she needs to learn how to take her pants off first. This is so on my to-do list.

22. Bed train Gracie. - Yet another obstacle that will need to conquered this year.

23. Finish more cross-stitches.- I'm working on a fabulous one that's sucking my will to live, but will be beautiful when finished, I would like to finish a few more. They make my house cuter.

24. Do better at my church callings. - I could do better.

25. Purchase white sheets. - Right now I've got this plaid number that works with my bed spread, but I would like some fancy universal white ones.

26. Get Crafty? - Not sure I'm ready to commit yet, but I would like to learn how to sew and do other cute things that all my friends do. Crafts sort of intimidate me. But maybe I could do them. I need to work on my desire, then I will work on my skill.

27. Have fun. - I'm going to make this a fun year.

So, maybe I will, maybe I won't. But at least I've got a few things to work on!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday!!!! What a great idea to create this fun list! And not to sound like I'm old (because I really don't feel it) but 27 was a really fun age. I think we may have met when I was 27. Oh and not all your friends are crafty. I am far, far, far from that description and have no desire to join that club so you will always have a leg up on me for even having that as a goal!

  2. I just love this entry! I want to make my own list (so maybe I will) but I'll have to title it something different because my birthday isn't for another few months. One thing I love about life (definetely more with some things than others) is the element of improving oneself. And to me that doesn't necessarily mean being kinder or doing more service all the time(which don't get me wrong are things I really to stive to be better at) but improving our happiness by doing things we've always wanted and stretching our minds and bodies...not only trying to become the person we want to be but continually searching out what that actually is.
    Someone once told me your personality is set at age 22 (hee hee)but I feel like I have changed, learned and grown more this last year than so many other of my younger years. Of course, I am only 23, so maybe my mom is still right and I'm just a late bloomer ;o) Anyhow, I love stuff like this and appreciate you for sharing. I think I'll do the same and probably copy you on a lot of them :o).

  3. You are so good at self-improvement type evaluation and goal setting. I think I need some of that to rub off on me. :)

  4. Great entry. Happy Birthday too! I will be 30 in less than two months so I have been where you are. A couple of words of advice (or just comments):

    1) 27 was a great age... Enjoy it... But know that it keeps getting better. Honestly, I cannot wait to be 30. :)

    2) Don't do something you don't want to do - i.e. being crafty. You have other talents that you may be better off (and enjoy much more) spending your time on. There is no written rule (even in the church handbooks :)) that you have to be crafty. Embrace yourself. :)

    3. Start working on your Life to Do List. Many years ago I made a list of things I wanted to do in my life. One of those was writing a book, another was to visit all of the continents on the earth (except Antartica). There are many others. In any case, it is very rewarding to accomplish some of those.

    4. Remember that you are the leading lady of your life. If you haven't seen The Holiday with Kate Winslet, rent it. There is a great point that an older man makes... He tells Kate that she has not been acting as the leading lady... she's been the best friend. Be the Leading Lady. :)

    5. Definitely be happy with yourself as you are. You hit that one right out the park. :) You are such a wonderful, lovely, captivating woman.

    I hope this is your best year yet. :)

  5. You are so cute...and so ambitious. Good luck with the list!