Sunshine Lotion

Seeing as I spent a grand part of the morning scraping icky stuff off the shoulders blades of my flu-sick daughter, I thought I would blog about something to add a little sunshine of what could be a bleak day.When I was pregnant with Gracie, Sean bought me this lotion from the True Blue Spa at Bath and Body works. He bought it after a discussion, that carrying a baby does in fact make me a mother so I should get a gift. I think I said something like this "I'm turning so ugly I should at least get some kind of token."

He pulled through with this lotion. It has a perfect tropical smell that makes me feel happy, like I am sitting under an umbrella eating some pineapple. Just the thing I need for a day like today. I just bought some on sale and keep little mini sizes with me at all times, to be used when my days are anything but tropical.


  1. sounds delightful! I will watch for it.

  2. Hey, Is B&B Works still having their sale? I still have a gift card from Christmas that I haven't used, and I love the smell of that lotion...I must look into it.

  3. Clearly I need some of that. I love anything that smells like a relaxing summer!