Hungry Money Beast

Paying bills and discovering just how poor one is, is not really my cup of herbal tea. I mean, I don't even like tea. I always try to drink it because people tell me it's a trick to staying thin. I always end up spitting it in the sink. That is how those people stay thin, they spit everything back out. I knew it.

Anyway, like I was saying, paying bills is a stressful situation. Today I was taking a great amount of time trying to figure out much we still owe the great big hungry beast, better known as the Hospital, and its mutinous cousin Crappy Insurance. I became so focused on bills and amounts paid and unpaid when I realized that my computer mouse was no longer working. Great this is just what I need. I looked down and realized I'd started using my cell phone as my mouse.

I filed and appeal with my insurance company. I'm now wondering if I can also appeal for charges that they are making me crazy. I'm sure it's nothing an all-expense paid trip to Hawaii couldn't cure.

Also, if anyone out there knows about an herbal tea that tastes good, I'd be open to suggestions. I've tried raspberry and peach, all to no avail.


  1. I like peppermint herbal tea when my stomach hurts. The key to tea is to sweeten it with honey or shuga.

    And sorry about the hospital bills. I've heard through the grapevine that hospitals will often re-negotiate the amount owed if you work out a payment plan with them. I've never tried it myself, but it might be worth a phone call. You've probably already done that. I hate Crappy Insurance. He's a pain.

  2. I have a lot of experience with medical bills due to my husband having Chrons disease. Like Tiff said, usually they will re-negotiate and/or accept payment plans.

    A lot of times the re-negotiation works if you are going to pay a lump sum. If you are going to do a payment plan, tell them how much you can afford. A lot of places also have paperwork you can fill out to get assistance depending on your financial situation.

    I hear you though. Insurance is lame. We've learned that the hard way.

  3. I too hate insurance companies and I am in the process of suing one (for my client) and that makes me hate them even more. Insurance companies don't really discriminate - they try and screw everyone!

    As for the tea. Tiff's tips is key, a little bit of honey or sugar (splenda works well too) and depending on the tea some milk, makes a big difference. A few tea suggestions: I absolutely love rooibos. It is a red African tea and generally used to make herbal chai. You can add honey and milk. Peppermint is good and I enjoy a lot of the citrus teas out there, especially in the summer because they are light and refreshing. One of the secrets to good tea is brew time. When you add the tea bag to the hot water, let it steep for 3-5 minutes. Otherwise you are just drinking hot water with a hint of flavor. The longer you leave the tea bag in the stronger the tea. I also prefer loose leaf teas to most tea bags. The flavor is generally richer.
    I hope this gives you a good start. If you want to try some good tea in Salt Lake, I recommend the Beehive Tea House on 3rd South and Main Street. They had a good selection of herbal teas. Good luck!

  4. Wow, all these posts really make me want to enter the world of herbal tea, a world I have not had any previous desire to enter before now. Is it true that it helps you curb cravings and lose weight?

    As for Crappy Insurance Man...fight it. As tedious and annoying it can be, there are things that can be done. Every time I'm charged something, I'm on the phone to understand for certain if it's necessary. This is obviously a far more complex medical issue than I've ever had to deal with, but power to you woman! Don't go down without a fight! (I love you)

  5. I am so excited to try more tea! Thanks for the tips. I do believe I need to make a trip to the Beehive Tea house. So, far it has only tasted like water with a hint of flavor.