Funny Alien Giant

Last night I had this dream. If it had not been so funny, it would have been horrific.

I dreamt that a large alien giant was on the loose. He had tentacles or crab claws or something for his head. He knocked on our door. For some reason, I knew he was after me. I ran into Gracie's closet and held my breath while Sean answered the door.

Alien Giant: Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum, I smell the blood of Au-tumn
Sean: Uh, she's not here, I think she's at the high school down the street
Alien Giant: Ugh! (turns and leaves)

I cannot stop laughing about this.


  1. I think you'd better come up with your next move. When that giant comes back in your dream, after having scoured the high school, he's going to be ticked.

  2. That is way funny. I wish my dreams were so commical. No, mine are much more serious... such as cutting my long hair to my chin only to have people come up to me and tell me how cute it looks and how they hated my ugly long hair (I love my long hair). Not so funny. :) I will have to try to think about the Alien Giant when I got to bed tonight.

    BTW, how did the pink rollers go?