Here's Hoping

Okay world look out. I've got my hair in pink foam curlers. Now, for most people this is a pretty scary ordeal, but if done correctly, I've seen some truly spectacular hair. But, I'm not sure how it's going to work for me, because my hair is thicker than the amazon jungle. It was always thick, but after having a baby, it grew in thicker and NEVER FELL OUT. I hear stories of woman pulling clumps of hair out after they give birth. Nope, no sir, not with me. As a result, my hair just keeps getting bigger. It truly is to the point of being comical. And to make matters worse, I recently cut my hair and fear I look like a triangle head. I've had it thinned on a number of occasions, but nothing seems to help.
(I hope you don't find this too annoying, I know I might sound like one of those skinny people that complain about how clothes don't fit them).

Anyway, I am always searching for a faster, easier way of doing my hair. After Gracie's burn, I would just rather not touch anything other than the blow dryer and my round brush, but that gets old and results in the aforementioned triangle head. I really hope the curlers work. They only took about 10 minutes to put in, and it's not like I'm going anywhere this afternoon so I can wear them all day.

As an added bonus Gracie finds them fascinating. She keeps pointing at my head and saying "touch". I'll see if I can't document the results.


  1. Only 10 minutes to put in? I bought hot rollers thinking I could get the cute wavy look. First of all it took me nearly 20 minutes to get them in (I may be exaggerating but it took forever), then they were sliding out because although I have a lot of hair it is super fine and slippery. In the end, I didn't even get the wavy curls I was hoping for, about half my head stayed flat, another section flipped at odd angles and then a few pieces did tight curls. No more curlers for me. Hopefully they will work for you - good luck!

  2. I hope you did it when your hair was dry. Because I experiemented with these a couple of weeks ago and while trying to come up with luscious curls I tried to remember back to my childhood days of sponge curlers I remember doing it while my hair was still slightly damp...no. Damp does not work. After all my hard work, I woke up (yes, I slept in them. Try to imagine pregnant me, bright colored sponge curlers, in my nordstrom t-shirt nighty, glasses and a retainer all in ONE! I tried to go to bed with lights out before Phil could see me...but no such luck)with damp scragly sections of hair. I haven't brought myself to try them again with dry locks, yet. Hopefully, your experience will go better and give me the motivation to try again.