What do you want to be?

I love to write. That is all. Have I wanted to be a writer all my life? No...not by a long shot. Here is a list of some of my would-be professions had a better thing not come along.

Before I could speak: Dancing was and still plays a very large role in my life. I love every kind of dance. I love ballet, jazz, contemporary...I could go on and on, but unfortunately, a girl needs to make a living. I needed to find something new.

2nd grade: I wanted to a be a poet so bad my toes actually ached at the thought of it. In hopes of encouraging this talent, my parents purchased me Shel Silverstein books, and many other books, for which I am still grateful. But, as it turns out, I am not a very good poet. I needed to move on.

3rd grade: This was my heavy scientist phase that lasted for some time. My parents shelved the poem books and bought me a microscope. I loved looking at things underneath it. The little bits of dirt, the bugs, the rocks, my eyelashes that got in the way. I even hatched my own brine shrimp farm, which my brother accidentally spilled. I wiped away a steady stream of tears as my mom, or dad, or someone else vacuumed it up. I am still too distraught to remember the details. This phase lasted clear until my sophomore year in high school when I discovered that I was a complete loser at chemistry. I could understand biology with no problem, but chemistry, I tell you what. Those pesky electrons and neutrons still annoy me. I flushed my dreams of becoming a scientist along with becoming a doctor down the nearest safety drain.

12th grade: A Reporter! That is what I'll be. My senior year was the year I found out I could major in TV. What a boon! I love TV! I may as well be on it! Yeah! This excitement swallowed and devoured the next eight years of my life, where I went on to major in broadcast journalism, intern in New York for the Today Show, and eventually -after hearing one million curse words -land a job as a segment news producer.

Current: Mom and writer. I now have the job I've always wanted. Didn't know it then, but know it now. In between playing games and filling sippy cups for my sweet daughter, I've discovered I have approximately 900 notebooks floating around my house, each one of them filled with creative writing. It's funny that it took me staying at home, spending time with myself to discover what it is I truly love, my family and words. Now that I don't have to search for it, I actually found it.

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  1. beautiful! You are off to a great start - can't wait to hear more.