Smell Myself

Okay, so I promised myself that I would, no matter what the circumstances may be, never blog again before bedtime. Every time I do, I lay in bed and blog in my mind for the next two hours. But, my friends, some things are too good to NOT be shared, no matter what the hour, that and I can still smell my hair.

Here's the story. Today I went to Trolley Square to see the movie Waitress (the movie will require another post), and on my way out I stopped at Tabula Rosa. They sell stationary and.... can your feel it? Are you as excited as I am?....Perfume!

Here's a picture of it:

I plucked it off the shelf and thought "my what a pretty bottle, maybe I will spritz myself." I ended up taking a bath with the tester bottle. Holy cow. It's hard to explain what it smells like. The website http://www.lollialife.com/product.asp?p=89 says all sorts of things like Italian Bergamont, Vanilla, and rice flower, I say it smells like sugar butter. I'm not sure who is right.

So, I spray myself and leave the store. Half an hour later I find that I can't peel my wrist away from my nose. It is permanently planted there. Just to make sure I'm not crazy, I make my friend Mary sniff me too. She likes it as well. Then when I get home I shove my wrist onto my husband's and Gracie's nose. Sean thinks it smells really nice too. I'm not sure he said it because he really likes it or because I was acting like a maniac. Sweet Gracie, gave me a confused look and just held my wrist.

Fast forward five hours. I am out of the tub, and let my hair down and woosh the perfume scent comes back, I did say I bathed in it, and it's as luscious as ever. There's my story, thank you for listening. I now feel a little bit better, in fact, good enough to lay in bed and make posts in my head for the next two hours.