I'm Sorry, I really am.

I am trying to limit the amount of sugar I ingest. Yes, because I want to lose weight, but also to just be healthy. I have a raging sweet tooth, something I developed while working in the news. Often times a bag of skittles and a peanut butter cup were the only things that got me through an extended overnight shift. I soon became totally reliant upon sugar. I have my times of the day when I need it, one of them being right, now, which is why I am eating a cup of berries and yogurt instead.

This is not the first time I have tried this by a long shot, but this time I am being serious about it, because besides the sugar, I have developed another bad habit: portion sizes. That's right. Nine months of pregnancy followed by a year, yes, a year of nursing has me to the point that I can no longer tell when I am full and when I am not. When I was prego and nursing I could eat anything all day long and not really worry about weight gain. Not anymore. Not anymore.

So kicking these habits is making my cranky, very cranky. I truly apologize if you meet me on the street corner and I snap at you for not wearing the right color of shoes, it's the lack of sugar and lack of food talking. I generally am a pretty nice person.


  1. Good luck, and the next time I see you, I'll stand at a distance. :)

  2. At least you are trying...these days I make sure a have a little supply of some sugar somewhere. I think I'm doing pretty good when I only choose to eat a little :o)