I think I stumbled into Heaven

There are a few things I salivate over more than office supplies. A cute folder has been known to actually bring tears to my eyes. A pen that writes smoothly time and time again finds a spot on the beloved mantle which is my nightstand. A notebook that is practical and yet whimsical sets my imagination wild with possibilities. So, sometimes when I get a little bored, I daydream of my perfect office filled with my perfect supplies. An office that is at once both lovely and well-organized. An office, that if I had it, I would be sure to write America's next great novel while admiring my charming sticky notes. Here are some possible ideas:

Right now, I live in a small apartment, and this would be the perfect size. It's totally dreamy, yet comes with drawers so I could keep my pens safe from little hands. There's an even extra big drawer, for my extra big ideas. Pottery Barn will one day receive my business, but it would best if they didn't hold their breath.I almost wet myself when I saw this. Are you kidding me? A classy way to tote my manuscripts around? It's enough to make me actually want to print them and share them with people. If I had this, I would be tempted to pull out my current work-in-progress and ask the old man in the grocery store line his opinion. And just when you think it doesn't get any bette, they also make matching folder and sticky notes. Excuse me while I wipe my eyes. This delicious folder can be found at http://www.galison.com/ (many thanks to Harmony for the reference).
And if I'm being extra spendy, I can picky up this framed cork board from Pottery Barn while purchasing my desk. For a mere $150 I'd have an actual place to store my random thoughts, little bits of interesting paper, poems, and postcards that I buy for myself. I know there is a cheaper way to do this, and I might just have to look in to it. But seeing as crafts cause me to get nervous and sweat, I might have to leave this idea in my dreams where it sits nicely above my office.


  1. I must say I am a new fan of galison.com myself. (Thank you Harmony for our first galison product!). I have had countless number of daydreams about my new pretty filing system and mouspad notes...

    P.S. I bet you could totally find a similar cork board at JoAnn's for a fraction of the price and all would have to do is paint the border.

  2. you are probably well aware of my aversion to crafts but for a long time I had a cork board I covered with an old subway map hanging in my kitchen. No room in my current place but if I ever drag it out of storage I like the idea of painting the frame (and possibly nailing it back together). Thanks! Also, love the desk.