Heel Decision

Every Sunday morning I am faced with the decision: To Heel or not to Heel. When I was single, this was a no brainer. I wore high heels every moment I got, they were fun, made me feel fabulous, and proved to be a great distraction when church got a little dull. When I got married, I stopped for awhile. I think it was because I thought married ladies should be more conservative at church and wear things like loafers and appliqued sweaters. But, I couldn't change who I was and eventually drifted back to my high heels. Now that I am a mom, things are different. I often times chose to wear flats and it has nothing to do with myself and everything to do with the safety of my daughter. Please read the following:

BeyoncĂ© Knowles fell face first down a flight of stairs during an Orlando concert Tuesday night – only to recover and complete her number nearly without missing a beat.
Onstage, wearing a trench coat and high heels, Knowles, 25, was singing her hit "Ring the Alarm" while descending a staircase. As she flipped her hair around, the headliner lost her balance and slid down about a dozen steps.

I always flip my hair and I'm always carrying my daughter. The journey to nursery requires walking down two flight of steep stairs. What if I flipped my hair while walking down the stairs? If it can happen to Beyonce, who I am sure has practiced this move, I am sure it can happen to me. Mostly, because it happens to me all the time while wearing flat shoes. A hideous memory involving me at the front of a packed gigantic stadium size class and a bag of chips comes to mind.

So, every Sunday I reach for my high heels. I hold them in my hands and see a flash of myself swishing my hair, then tumbling head first down the steep stairs, clutching Gracie to my chest, praying that nobody saw my bum. I drop the shoes and pull on my trusty ballerina flats. I then pull my hair back in a ponytail. Safety first.


  1. Great post! It made me laugh out loud, especially knowing how much you like shoes. I still remember your black and white patent heels - which may be the first thing I noticed about you. . . I'm really not that shallow, just observant.

    I am traveling for work today and took a cab to the office with my suitcase so I wore heels. Also not the best combo. Better to have two feet flat on the ground when lugging any extra baggage!

  2. I have this theory that if I imagine it happening beforehand, it won't happen. There have been many times I've imagined myself tripping in my heels on the way up to the podium to bear my testimony or something and its like if I've played it out in my head, my brains already experienced it, has been left paranoid, and won't allow me to do it again. So heels I say!

    Or you can do a combo: if you where heels, make sure hair is pulled back or if your hair is down, go with the flats...

  3. You are too cute and too funny. :) Great post. BTW, you can go on to You Tube and watch Beyonce's fall. You can't help but laugh.

    Go for the heels and make your husband carry Gracie down the stairs. If you break your ankle at some point while carrying her, you will have something to give her a hard time about when she gets older (and possibly manage a couple of days in bed in solitary confinement (as much as possible), which I'm sure we'd all agree would be quite enjoyable). :)

    On a completely different note, I called my cousins who read HP to find out who dies. :)