Lately I've discovered that I don't have any creative thoughts or urges. Not one. None at all. I think the heat is sucking my will to live by zapping all my fun thoughts and ideas. As a result I just lay on my bed, stare at the ceiling and accept the fact that I am officially the most boring person...ever.

Why is this so? Here are some ideas:

1. Gracie has just recovered from the flu. Memories of this might still be blocking any fun memories for the moment.

2. I am finally feeling better from what ever it was that I had. I think it was a fun killing virus.

3. I am trying to eat healthier. This is a kill joy. I am still not used to it. Not being able to shovel food into my mouth at all times of the day has dampened my personality.

4. I am keeping a regular exercise schedule. Please see #3.

5. Sore muscles. I would like to use the bathroom or sit on the couch with out cries of pain. However, this does prove to be dramatic.
6. I went to the zoo today from 10am -1 pm. Sweat dripped off my body in torrents, each drop taking a touch of fun with it.
7. Bad TV. Seriously.
8. I went to Downey, Idaho this weekend to visit my grandparents. Across the street is the hospital I was born in. It now looks worse than a haunted house, broken windows, gigantic cobwebs, overgrown lawn. I find this both haunting and a tad depressing. Is this what grand things turn out to be?
9. Bills. I haven't had the energy to use bill pay and every day more mail comes, and everyday the pile grows bigger. I think I will pay them when I am done with this. I might give me some more energy.
10. Oh yeah! Hello, I almost forgot, the drain that our washing machine uses keeps backing up, causing our laundry room to be repeatedly flooded. It is now fixed, but I got a leg cramp from scooping out so much water. Kill Joy.
See, I can't even think of more then ten things to write about. I think it's the heat. I really do. Maybe I will go get a Popsicle, maybe not as I am trying to stay away from sugar. Instead, I will order these cookies and decide that being healthy is not worth trading in my personality...


  1. Been there, done that. I hope your un-fun mood ends soon!

  2. I think it must be the heat. And lack of chocolate in your life. That always drags me down.