I Fought the Law....

And I won!

Okay, so there are five million things going on in my life right now, and five million other things I should right about. But right now, I only have enough time and energy to tell you this. I won my battle with my health insurance.

Here's the deal. There is only one burn clinic in Utah, and they were not on our preferred care list. As a result we were charged outrageous prices for EVERYTHING. Every time I got a bill, I would just cry as our savings was flushed down the toilet. It didn't seem fair. I mean where else were we supposed to go? My mom suggested I appeal. So I called and in a very polite voice explained the situation and how we had no other choice than to be robbed blind. I was denied. I accepted that as my fate. Then I got another bill above and beyond the call of duty. Just seeing how much money we were going to have pay for something that normally should be covered infuriated me. I sat down and typed out the meanest, most polite letter you've every read. It gave me the chills to read it. I'm pretty sure I used some legal terms that people have told me to use before.

Anyway, it worked, our claim is being reprocessed for in-network fees. In a way it doesn't matter if we get very much money back at all, even though I suspect we might, I fought, I won, I feel good about standing up for my rights.


  1. Congratulations!! I love winning. Especially the part where you get to say "I told you so." Especially when you get to say that to an insurance company. They suck. All of them. No exceptions. I say that as a professional lawyer who sues insurance companies and as a disgruntled consumer of insurance.

  2. Good for you! Due to my husband's disease, we have had to learn that lesson too. I am proud of you!