I'm back..for awhile

Hello, I'm back dear Internet friend of mine. Sean got me some sort of dial-up free trial thing. It's nice to know I have a husband that cares about my time online almost as much as he cares about his. So, I suppose I'll give an update.

1. I need new glasses almost as much as I need tums. I'm excited to get our new insurance. Hopefully, tomorrow morning I will find myself at a eye store picking out new frames.
2. Sean started his new job today. It's almost 3:00 and I still haven't heard from him. This is either really good or really bad.
3. My stomach has seemed to have shrunk. This is very startling since I am now entering the pregnancy phase of wanting to eat my house. Yesterday I dished myself up a big bowl of spaghetti and ate three bites. The whole thing was seriously depressing.

4. I am still in complete denial about my desperate need to start wearing maternity clothes. I hopefully won't continue to squish myself into my black dress so many times that my mother has to come and force me to buy new clothes. She made me do that with a pair of shoes I kept wearing. I really loved those shoes. What made the entire thing extra sad was that Sean was so happy to see me wearing another pair of shoes, I think he wrote my mom a thank-you note. I think I have a weakness for attaching myself to weird things.
5. Two weeks to go before I fly out to Seattle to visit my beautiful new-momma sister! Did I mention I am only slightly terrified to be taking a toddler on a plane, by myself?

6. Less than four weeks to go before I officially move into my new house! Every time I close my eyes I find that I am decorating it. There are some fabulous shelves in the kitchen just begging for me to get too creative and overdo it.

7. My apartment is super cluttered from all my half-effort attempts at packing.
Here are some pictures of my soon-to-be, new-to- me, house

This, as you might be able to tell is the front yard. I'm very excited for the garage. I'm not so excited about not having to scrape my windows as I am about the fact that I will be able to leave Gracie in her car seat while I bring in groceries. I currently live in a place that has no garage. I can't take a bag of groceries inside my house while Gracie is in her car seat because I am sure my car will be hijacked and then I will have to go on the news and beg the car thief to keep my car, but return my child. When I worked in the news, I always heard my director say that those parents were idiots. They weren't idiots, they were exhausted and unlucky.

Here is the kitchen where I plan to teach myself how to bake bread and make gingerbread houses. The last gingerbread house I made was eaten by mean-pants roommates. That's another post in and of itself.

Here is a shot of the living room. Unfortunately, the piano does not stay. I will have to put my unused guitar in its place. I think I'll also add Gracie's toy piano. That should really brighten the room.And hence the fully landscaped backyard with a swing set. This is what sold us. Apparently living in an apartment with a small patch of grass on a busy street makes one a little fanatical about a fully fence backyard.

So, I've got plenty on my plate for the next couple of weeks, most of which involves me taking my daughter to doctor appointments. We have her allergist appointment coming up, I'm praying she has outgrown her egg allergy.

Until I get another idea, or until my Internet trial runs out...bon voyage!


  1. Thanks for the update. The house looks great!

  2. Congratulations on all your great news! What a beautiful house! I loved (and still do) house decorating day-dreams after we picked ours out. Do you see it every time you close your eyes? Then it really is a dream home! Good luck packing! And three cheers for garages--it'll change your life forever!!

  3. yay for auty! love the house, its huge and nice backyard! i loved your house so much i found myself sometimes dreaming of decorating it. ha! as for gracie in the plane...not as bad as you think. take treats and a video and then youll find yourself in seattle unexpectedly.love, mel