Do you ever feel overwhelmed with all the responsibilities that naturally come with being a woman? How you're just expected to know things, accept things bravely, and cook? Me too.

It's been a long day. Nothing bad has happened. I'm just worried about my squirt. She's sick with a mysterious illness, she's scratched her burn so much I'm afraid it's infected, and I should have way more things packed than I actually do.

Thanks for listening dear blog readers, I'm just feeling a little worn out. But I will now bravely leave my chair to go cook some noodles. Cheer me on!


  1. Go get'em Tiger! No worries, it will all work out...it always does. Love!

  2. Consider yourself cheered! Most of the time I feel like motherhood is like crossing a very high rope bridge. "Don't look down!" That's my best advice. :)

  3. Yeah Autumn!!! You can do it!! You know lots of things, you are brave, you can cook and you have great hair. What more do you need? Gooooooooooooooooooo Autumn! (I wasn't really a cheerleader but I could play a fight song for you on the saxophone, okay I could if I was in high school again).

  4. Thanks! I can make it, I know I can!

  5. As the Unicorn in Swan Lake told Barbie (playing Odette): "You're Braver than you think you are."

    Remember that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Just keep stepping, take one bite at a time, and eventually you will get there and then look back and be amazed at how much you grew. :)

    By the way, when Grace gets a little older, start checking out the Barbie Princess movies. They are really good and have really great messages like the one I shared above. In fact, I have been known to watch them with my sisters without after putting our kids down. :)