Woe is me!

I'm in the library right now. We have no Internet. Woe is me.

The difficulty in blogging this post all has very positive reasons behind it. In less than a month we are moving to Utah County. That's right. I thought I left the county behind when I graduated BYU, but I wrong. Sean scored a great job at Omniture and starts work on Friday.

We were getting free Internet from his past employer. That little perk is now gone. I suppose now would also be a great time to mention, even though everyone already knows, that we are expecting in March. I'm getting congratulations from odd men in the street. Honestly, the LDS rumor circuit is something to behold. Just because I look like I might have gained five pounds and that I am about to puke doesn't always mean a gal is pregnant... Anyway, we are really excited! We are excited about our new house, new baby and new job. We have been blessed so greatly!

Okay, Sean is outside chasing Gracie around the library. I have pictures of the house we are moving to, but they are on the other computer. I will post them as soon as I can. I might be hitting the library everyday. Honestly, I had no idea Sean and I were so attached to the World Wide Web.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! On everything. I hope you'll still find time to make the trek to wbwg. :)

  2. Wow! How exciting, that is a lot of good news to take in all at once. Congrats to Sean on the great new job, congrats on the house (are you buying?) and congrats on the baby. Hopefully you will get internet hooked up right away so you can fill us all in on the details!

  3. Sorry you're sick, that sucks, but how exciting that you're getting a new house and then a new baby (even if you are moving to Happy Valley...sorry, not my first choice)! Anyways, hope you're WWW is up and running soon, I don't think we could live with out it.

  4. hey, I am Andi Sherwood's sister, Angel. I live in Utah county now and my husband used to work for Omniture!! What a small world! You can email me at LittleAngelBaby@mac.com!